Friday, 6 July 2007

Koh-Lanta in Palawan, Philippines

Are you familiar with the tv program called SURVIVOR? I'm sure you do. There is a french version of this one and the candidates are frenchies. But do you know where the game is? It is in Palawan, Philippines. Oh yes, it is in my country and I am very proud being a Filipina. Because of this program, frenchies will see how beautiful my country is. The TV Progam is called Koh-Lanta Palawan and it is on TF1 channel. This program has 16 french candidates and they are divided into 2 teams: Guntad & Batang. If you want to visit the website, here it is:

I can say that this program has helped me in some ways. In what ways? Well, at the school, my teacher and european classmates asked me about Philippines and to describe them how it is and take note, it is in FRENCH LANGUAGE ha. Ouff! It isn't that easy at all but thank God I managed to do it. This program has helped me in a way that people here will have some knowledge about Philippines like how beautiful it is, how kind and welcoming the people are and how abundant we are to have these beautiful and wonderful nature. Well, french love nature and they respect all form of life. That's one of the traits I like about them. And what I noticed, mostly of diving shops in Philippines are owned by Germans. Because of this tv program, I hope it will attract more frenchies to visit Philippines. In that way, there will be more and more tourists coming in. Isn't that wonderful? I wish one day to visit Palawan too, especially Amanpulo hehehhe. In my dreams, or maybe one day if I'll win LOTTO.... :-p


Analyse said...

hehe, im one of the avid followers too.. and i tell my daughter to watch too because c'est le pays de maman..

Francine said...

pareho pala tayo ana.ganda ng palawan.kakamiss tuloy magswimming.does your daughter understand some filipino words?