Thursday, 19 July 2007

Summer Is Here!!!

Last weekend was 34 degrees celsius here in Bordeaux. It was really hot here so hubby and I decided to go at the beach. At first, we were kinda confused if we go at Lacanu or Le Porge. We went in Lacanu once and I can say that it is like hollywood there. It is a very crowded place but normal because it is a place where surfers go and there are many different kinds of cafes and restaurants there too. We knew that it would be very difficult for us to find a place for parking there so we decided finally to go in Le Porge.

Le Porge is on the South West of France on the Atlantic coast coast between the Medoc and the Arcachon Basin. I can say that it is less crowded there. There are restaurants there too and camping site. We left home at around 4 in the afternoon thinking that it would be less crowded by that time as it is late in the afternoon already. But we were completely wrong. Traffic was incredible. When we were finally there, it was even very difficult for us to park the car. Not only us had such kind of problem but everyone. It is like a fiesta here in France when it's warm. People take advantage of the weather by going at the beach, going at the park with their family or kids, jogging, riding a bicycle and going at the cafe. It is really unbelievable. Take note, never I see anyone here using umbrella when weather is warm hehehehe. Well, they like to have tan skin you know;-)

Hubby did body surf and I did my 2nd bath at the ocean. Oh yes sisters, 2nd bath at the ocean. I love the freshness of the water when it is really hot like that. I never had the courage to try body surf as I am shy. But to do sunbathing isn't bad at all huh!

But anyways, here are some of the photos. Click it to enlarge.

People at the beach. Do you see anyone half naked? Shhhhh

Heavy traffic outside Le Porge. People waiting their turns to go inside the property but unfortunately, there was no vacant parking. Ouff!

I would like to try this kind of activity. Cute no?


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

uy sino kaya di mayaman sa dami ng sponsored posts...ikaw din ah, lol.

bakit wala ka picture naka 2 piece? nakita ko yung sa flickr mo, sexy!

Analyse said...

summer is quite shy to approach dijon yata, till now, it's still difficult to reach 30°C.. but anyways, we're on vacation in 2 weeks time.. im quite impatient.

marie said...

I agree with girlie, asan naka 2 piece picture?
Hey about the belly costumes, kami mismo gumagawa ng costume. Tell me pag may uuwi at babalik dyan, I'll send you one set so while you're watching belly dvds naka outfit ka pero kwidaw dapat wala si hubby mo at baka di matuloy ang pag watch and bellydance mo kasi.....pfffft....xxxxxxxx

Francine said...

te girlie, sana nga theyll send us the check na para naman me appetite tayo in posting some reviews on our blog.tinatamad na ako hehehe.mas masarap pag me dada na

ana, san kayo punta for vacation? weather dito ngayon strange pero it doesn't stop me in doing my laundry. hehehe sipag ako pag ganun.pasok sa machine tapos i do some other things to make the haus clean kahit ano pa yung weather.pero kakamiss din ung beach

te marie, sure ka youll send me 1?magkano????mahal mga gamit dito e pero yung shakira video mo on ur blog, i tried to copy it kaya lang super sakit ng katawan ko until now

marie said...

anong sell? give kita one set, a top and a hip scarf. Just tell me pag may papadalan kasi baka mas mahal pa pag mail kesa sa cost ng belly attire i'll send.Pag regular ang exercise mo di na sasakit kasi dapat sinundan mo the following day.