Monday, 23 July 2007

My weekend

Hello my dear friends here. Sorry I was out for a couple of days here. Last friday, we left here in Bordeaux to go in Paris. We left home at around 7 in the morning and we arrived in Paris at around 1 pm. Long trip huh? But it was nice especially seeing the nature around. It is really beautiful seeing these green things around, the sunflower fields especially, sheeps, cows and many others. I can say that it was really a great trip even if it was quite short. Late friday afternoon, we headed directly to the chateau where my inlaws were waiting. It was the first time I saw how cute the chateau is. I was happy coz all my inlaws were there and we all did the food tasting for the upcoming celebration. Tout va bien! We were kinda busy but we enjoyed it. I enjoyed the time I had with my inlaws in their home as well. Great food, great conversation and great bonding as well. Ohh, I tried driving too last saturday but unfortunately, I was freaking out while doing it. I was doing zigzag hehehehe and hubby was very nervous. He was scared that he won't manage to drive his car anymore. Oppps, pardon!

My little business went fine too. Maman, my sister-in-law & mammy bought me necklaces and bracelets. Not bad at all as I am just starting but I hope this one will be successful one day. But anyway, take a look on some of the photos I took during the weekend. I'll add some more later when hubby will be home. Enjoy!

Red rose I took yesterday at inlaws home before we left. I love to take pictures of any kind.

This is at the wheat field when farmers are harvesting. There is a special kind of machine that separates the grains from the herbs and a machine that forms like this. This round ones are very useful during winter season for the cows as their food and a little something to keep them warm.

Sunflower inside the vase at parent's inlaw home.

A la campagne, you'll see fields of sunflowers here in France. It is really beautiful and it will really make you say "WOW"....

Another picture of sunflowers. This was taken yesterday when I was with my mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law. She took 4 or 5 sunflowers (turnesol) so that we will have something here at home. Isn't she kind? Merci beaucoup maman.

Their cows here. I find them cute hehehe. Haven't you notice that their ears have numbers? It's lotto numbers maybe ;-p

Red roses at inlaws home.

Another cute flower I found at inlaws home. I want to have some like this at the terrace here at home.

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marie said...

waaaahhhhh....favorite ko sunflowers and roses. Ang ganda naman diyan and I'm happy for the family you found there. Sana di sila magbago sayo and you'll stay happy bonding with them.