Thursday, 5 July 2007

A True Friend

My Good Friend Janese & her french husband

Days ago, I feel really bad at all. I miss my family and I was paranoid again. Hey, it's not what you think okay? I am not pregnant at all but I wish I am hehehe. I can say that I am quite sensitive and moody sometimes. But it gets better and better after my class as I am on vacation and have decided to take sometime off with grammars. Oh yeah, even my husband notice that I am more relaxed now and happier. In these stormy times of my life, I am thankful that hubby is very supportive and my inlaws, friends are always there for me.

A classmate of mine back in college arrived here in France year 2000. That was the last time we saw eachother but we still kept in touch. It is unbelievable that she's still the same. So when I am now here, we use to keep in touch more. Her name is Janese and she is married to a french guy as well like me and she has 1 cute little boy. Janese, allow me to thank you for the friendship you've shared with me. Thanks very much for being there for me especially when I got paranoid due to many adjustments here in France. You have made my adjustments here easier by giving me some tips and sharing me your experiences as well during your first days here in France. Oh girl, you really made me laugh with your jokes. I even shared it with my husband and he was giggling a lot. Hey, if you and your hubby will decide to go here in guys are always welcome here at home and I will surely accompany you around. I will call you once hubby and I will be in Paris *wink*.


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

for rss, try bloglines, feedburner, yahoo, google, these are all feed readers

yung problem mo with reviewme, di ko din understand...i have not encountered such kasi, it's better siguro if you email them regarding this problem.

with smorty naman, they say that they pay weekly, but until now i havent gotten any payments in my paypal, i have to read their faq siguro to give light to this matter. plus the fact na medyo mabagal sila mag approve ng posts

email mo lang ako or leave an offline message pag di ako online sa YM, okie?

Francine said...

thanks te girlie. youre very helpful tlga