Friday, 9 May 2008

Another Source Of Income

Yepeeeee! I received another payment today from the affiliate program I have in one of my blogs. It just feel so good and so right knowing that I’m receiving something by posting a banner or a badge in my blogs. Oh yes! Affiliate programs are my 3rd alternative source of income and so far, I’m quite content with the results. Never I really imagine that I’ll be earning more online compared to the salary I receive from my real job here. So, I am really thankful that I never hesitated to try it out especially by creating several blogs. Besides, it is really true that you’ll never find out if you’ll succeed or not if you’re not willing to try too so it is best to try one’s luck no matter what field it will be.

Today, I was just surfing the net and landed at this Clickbooth Advertising Network . Seriously, I’m interesting on becoming one of their publishers because their referral program is quite interesting. Their payouts are higher and they pay on time too based from my friend’s testimonial. As internet marketing is IN right now, I’ll surely be having another source of income by signing up here and by becoming a member.

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