Friday, 9 May 2008

Money And Interest

Jezzzz, it has been a few months already since the last time I checked online my Savings Account in my homeland. I just realized that I still have a little something left there and in some ways, I’m earning a little interest from it. Not bad huh? Too bad because the interest I gain from it is not in euros. It could have been much better if it’s in euros or at least in dollars.

I am quite careful with my spendings from time to time. The salary from my work goes directly to my french Savings Account while the revenue I earn from blogging goes on my other savings account too but under my name. Yeah, I am stingy at times but I am extravagant too but it all depends on my mood. I do make a list everybody and a record of all the expenses I do for me to be able to track as to where my money goes and which things I should omit in the next months. So far, I am earning some euros in my other savings account but jezzzz, the interest is not that much too. How I wish I’ll win one of the raffle draws from my bank and will instantly receive 20,000 €!

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