Monday, 26 May 2008

Medical Jewelry Anyone?

Never I imagined that a thing like medical jewelry existed. My friend told me about it and the very first word that came into my mind was "Is it really effective and it cures one's illnesses?". Hey, don't laugh but you can't blame me if I thought that way. From the words itself, you'll surely be thinking the same thing like I do. But seriously, these jewelries are not bad at all. Anyone can purchase one for themselves or for somebody and have it engraved with your/their medical condition. Not bad eh?


marie said...

Tiffany bracelet yan diba?

Carlota said...

it helps a lot. my daughter had one when she was in childcare.

Thanks diay sa stop by dae Francine. oh yeah- about sa layout it was started na naay nagpabuhat sa akoa then i wasn't expecting na bayaran ko pero mi insist man dawat na lang nako. grasya na diba? I'm happy na they appreciate all my works. thanks again ha. take care.