Sunday, 18 May 2008

Where Was I?

You guys must be wondering what's making me really busy these last days? Well, nothing special really. I just make spent mostly of my time with my husband eversince he got home. Let's just say quality time with him. I'm loving it and I miss him when he's at work. I'm happy that his carreer is doing great so far as we wish it to be. We're just wishing that things will always remain like that through the entire year so that we'll be able to accomplish our baby project :-) for 2008. For the mean time, I'm quite busy with so many things here in preparation for my future professional life. As if there's one right? ;-p


Analyse said...

so you're really serious with that baby project, aren't you? goodluck and dont stress yourself!

FRANCINE said...

ana yes I am hehehe. haayyy, lapit na ako maging 30 no kaya dapat makabuo na kahit isa man lang

Ylan said...

hala i career ang QT para magka baby! hehe!
QT = quality time just in case magwonder ka unsa meaning! :D

Lou said...

Ok dhay, don't work too hard on that! *wink


The Shutterbug

Lucille said...

hi francine! musta na dai? goodluck sa baby project :-)