Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Cute Little Things

I am really dreaming of becoming a mom this year and I am wishing that it will really happen. I’m jealous because majority of my friends are pregnant while I on the other hand is still waiting to become one. At first, I thought it’s easy but it’s not at all. I’m trying to avoid stress in my life right now and too much exposure infront of the pc for me to easily conceive a baby in the near future. Don’t think that I am rushing things out ok? I am not and infact, I am enjoying my life as well with hubby. We do have quality time together especially during weekends but hey, we’re not getting any younger you know. I do know that he wishes to have one too very soon and is wishing to have a baby girl in the family for the first child. Yes! His entire family and my family are very eager and enthusiast for our first child. Normal because it will be the first mixed races of both families. From that, it’s pretty obvious that my baby will be very spoiled in both parties (hubby’s side and my side). Last week for example, we went shopping and looked for items for my nieces and nephew but everytime we saw this tiny little things, we always find it cute. I even told him that maybe it’s about time for us to purchase some things like Toddler Bedding , beberons and many others while there's discount but he told me that it’s too early for us to do it lolz. I’m crazy I know but those baby things are just super duper cute.

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