Friday, 16 May 2008

See You In London

It has been a very long time since the last time I saw my aunt. She’s been living in London for years and the last time I saw her, I guess I was in elementary still. Would you imagine how long it was already? When she knows that I am now here in Europe, she’d like to see me personally if one day she’ll be travelling here in France. No problem for me for sure and I will be very please to have her here. She told me that I am very much welcome in her house too if we’ll be travelling in London. Perfect proposal because I’d really want to visit London one day. It’s one of my dream places but I don’t know if she has a garage for our big car. I told my friend in London about my future plan and she told me that parking space is not really a big problem because there are many Garages in London that are very affordable. Well, better if it’s free ain’t it?

Well, my husband knows London because he was there when he was younger to study english. When I told him about this company where parking spaces are available, he instantly said that he knows it and it has been in the business for years already. So now, problem solved when talking about parking space.

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