Thursday, 29 May 2008

Music Inspires Him

My brother is a big fan when it comes to rap music. He loves it very much and mind you, he even has the complete compilations of the different rap artists. He knows the latest songs and what’s in and hot when it comes to this kind of field. His classmates always ask him if they could copy his Rap Lyrics collections from time to time. Well, I’m not against with it because it pleases him and it makes him happy. In fact, I am very happy because music inspires him a lot and he loves to study when his stereo is on. Just like me when I was a student ^-^. He texted me this morning and told me if I could give him an extra allowance because he wanted to buy Nas cds. I am a kind big sis so wish granted. He’s very much and excited and right now, he’s even printing Nas Lyrics that he got from the internet.


Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hi. tagged you!

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FRANCINE said...

hai's, i'll take the tag in a few minutes. thanks very much