Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Questions of the Week 17

1. When was the last time you kissed someone? Who was it?
- last time? Hubby last tuesday morning before he left here at home going in Paris for his job.

2. Last time you went to the movies? What movie?
- hmmmm I couldn't remember the title but it was months ago. It's a movie of Matt Damon and it was about CIA agent

2. Do you turn off your cellphone/s when you’re in a movie house?
- yeah I do

3. Do you cursed?
- No. I used to be but I don't do it now

4. Do you often have nightmares?
- yeah sometimes when I'm really tired and had a very long and active day

5. Who’s your crush? :)
- Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Benzema, Zidane

6. Do you drive? When’s your license expires?
- I don't. My french driver's license will expire next year

7. Are you afraid of dying? Why and Why not?
- sometimes yes and I do wonder where will I go and if somebody will remember me

8. Do you like to party? Why or Why not?
- yeah but it all depends

9. Last time you said “I love you’? To whom?
- this lunch when talking on my husband on the phone

10. Last time you exercised? Gym or house?
- 2 weeks ago at my belly dancing class

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