Friday, 9 May 2008

Touched It For The Very First Time

It has been more than 1 year since I got this driving tools from my husband. Honestly, I just opened it today and finally had the interest to read it and to try the different examinations on my laptop. See? I've wasted so many time since I arrived in this country and I didn't do much things for a year 2 months. Now, I wanted to make things happen and to achieve the goals I have for my life in this foreign world of mine. I've been wanting to have my own car and to drive but driving here is completely different compared in my homeland. Driving rules here are stricter and I need to familiarize myself of the different signs and rules here to avoid any penalties and accidents. Oufff because it's in french but it's challenging. So Anna Marie, good luck!


Ritchiela said...

Haha,i only got the drive to go for a test lat 30th of April France,you better go for it too...good luck!

Carolyn said...

hi france, i thought you've got your driver's license already? goodluck to you..i'm sure you will get it! i've got mine last year and i requested an examiner that can speak english hehhe and luckily, i got it in one shot:-)


Analyse said...

didn't you have the driver's license from the philippines? i had mine exchanged lang kasi so i was able to get rid of that tiring french exams!