Saturday, 31 May 2008

My Firsts And Lasts

A tag from my very good and one of my favorite friends Genny. Thanks sis for this tag and sorry I just posted this meme coz I've been really busy these last days. Thanks once again ha!


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First real job: secretary
First screen name: Cutiegirl
First funeral: my grandma when I was in elementary. I still remember how it was and how hard I cried
First pet: cat
First piercing: my ears when I was in elementary
First tattoo: none
First credit card: months after I arrived here in France
First kiss: parents
First enemy: everybody was my enemy when I was in elementary and highschool. I'm tactless and I really expressed out my feelings when I'm angry or don't like somebody. Let's just say I was and am frank.


Last car ride: this evening with hubby. He picked me up at KFC
Last kiss: my husband

Ladies, mind to tell me your firsts' and lasts'? I'm tagging:
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Vannie said...

hi gwaps! how are you, btw tagged u here

arlene said...

ppsssst! thanks for the tag sis! will do this asap...