Monday, 26 May 2008

Few More Things To Do

Good thing that my mom has been working her papers. I’ve been begging her to move her booty and work with her papers especially the insurances for her and for my father so that everything will be fine and settled when unexpected circumstances come in. I do understand that she’s busy but I am just so overwhelmed that she listens to me and tries to do her best in meeting my demands. I may be quite demanding at times but it is for their own benefit. As I am far from them, I wanted to make sure that everything is fine. Thanks to the company who emailed me their term life insurance quote. I thought I’ll be struggling for an affordable insurance forever. Oufff! Now, few more things to go.


Carolyn said...

hi franz,pwede iadd nimo ang bag-ong blog nako...naadd na teka

Lou said...

Good job, dhay!


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The Shutterbug
On A Lighter Note

Lou said...

Hi AM, yes I'm still studying photography. I took some children portraits on Sunday during the 2nd bday of Mira's son...if you have the time take a look at the photos...i love taking portraits..

The Criscitos said...

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FRANCINE said...

lou thanks a lot!

FRANCINE said...

carolyn, yeah i'll add it later

FRANCINE said...

lou, you did a great job on your photography hobby. keep it up!