Sunday, 9 December 2007

Amazing Blurb

Books are good gifts also for this coming Christmas. It’s included in my Christmas list and it’s a perfect gift for people who loves to read. For my sister, I’d like to give her a personalized cookbook and I can do it at blurb. Blurb is very interesting because it allows me to easily create any kinds of books that I’d like to make like cookbook, wedding book, poetry book and even travel book. These personalized books are even very affordable and the instructions are very simple to follow. I’ll just have to install the Blurb Booksmart, choose the book I’d like tmake, add the photos and textes that I want and voila, the book is done! So fast right? Hubby did something like this for our wedding but it was pretty expensive. At last, I can finally create my own travel book. Thanks blurb!

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