Wednesday, 12 December 2007

My Football Crushes


Kaka my love hehehe

Hubby loves football and rugby very much and that makes him really a european. Would you believe that he watches football every night? Oh yeah, I can't watch my favorite tv shows nor have the access on the remote control. I mean although it's possible for me to change the channel but I don't have the guts to do it especially when I see him really concentrating and enjoying while watching the different teams. I don't like football nor rugby months ago but now, I have knowledge about these 2 sports. When my favorite players are in, I am cheering infront of the tv while hubby on the other hand is laughing. Well, I just love Karim Benzema and Ricardo Kaka. They are really good and they are handsome too hehehe! Shhh ****blusssshinggg****

Benzema is from Lyon Team and he is famous here in France. His moves are mixes of Zidane's moves and Kaka's moves. Kaka on the other hand is from Milan team.

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