Thursday, 13 December 2007 - A Great Place for Search

I am missing the Oprah Winfrey show eversince I am in a foreign country. Goodness! I can’t no longer count how many episodes I missed already. I just love Oprah and her show very much because the different subjects are very interesting. Everytime she features her favorite things for the year, all the audiences in her studio receive all the things that Oprah loves very much. Aren’t they lucky? I’m wishing that I’ll be one of these lucky watchers in her studio. I searched her using - A Great Place for Search, and the site leaded me to another page with Oprah’s profiles, photos and websites. Well, well, well, spock really works a lot more better compared to the other search engines.

Spock is a free people and information search engine. Anyone can use it for free and can search anyone that they love by typing the names or by using tags that are very much related to your favorite person, idol, singer, actress, politician or anyone. This service is really true and terrific!

I felt inlove with the first time I tried it. And until now, I still love it and salute this magnificent and a dream come true search engine.

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