Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I’m Sick

Hehehehe thanks gals for the comments you posted on my other blog. Oh yeah, I am really hoping that I am juntis. I don’t know if I am really but we will see until the end of the month. Last night, I was thinking that maybe it was because of the foie gras I ate the other night or if it was because of the coquilles St. Jacques heehe.

Winter will be days from now. The other day it was only 3° celsius and it is really cold here when the night comes. Hubby said that winter has started already as it is very cold. Well, I don’t really know if I am ready for it but the coldness sticks to my body even if I am already wearing a coat, a pull over, scarf and gloves. Winter will be worst maybe. The coldness is making me lazy honestly. I don’t want to go out nor to go at the nearby supermarket. I need to buy a gift this afternoon but I am hesitating to do it because I know that it’s cold outside. My ears turned to ice last monday. Plus now, I’m having fever and colds at the same time. Late reaction kumbaga coz the people here were having colds last week and now they’re fine while me on the other hand, huhuhu has just started. Voila! I miss summer already!

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