Monday, 10 December 2007

I Love Havaianas!!

I am really a flip flop addict! Even if I was very tired because of the long trip I had with hubby last month, I still had that amazing energy especially when it comes to Havaianas. I've been searching for high ones at the internet but they are really expensive. I ordered one few months ago but there was a delivery problem so I give up about it. There's a specific model that I love very much but it was not available at the store. I hope to find the model I've been searching for in Paris very soon. I love flip flops because it really feels and look good on the feet. Fashionable as well right? When I bought this, hubby gave me his rolling eyes and asked me where the hell will I use them here in France as it is already automn here. Hubby, I'll wear these flip flops soon when summer comes. If you want, I can wear it during winter too lolz *bleh*

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