Sunday, 16 December 2007

They Must Change Our Windows!

I am a little bit disappointed with our windows here sometimes. We are now in the cold season and closing all our windows and doors are really important. Hey, it’s not dark here at home ha even if the windows and doors are closed because we have sliding glass patio doors. Our four heaters are always on 24/7 to keep the warmness inside the house. But because of the problem we had with our windows last month, our electricity bill was almost 200 euros. Would you imagine that one? It was unbelievable really! That’s one of the many reasons why I want my husband to make a complain and to tell the agency to give us the best replacement windows available in the market. I may sound very demanding but ouff, I’m not going to pay 200 euros or more ha for our electricity bill here untill March. Hubby told me that what I am asking for is quite expensive but I told him no. If they couldn’t find a good deal for this, then they should shop at Anglian Home Improvements. I’ve heard many things about this store and all the reviews I found are really good. Probably, I’ll email the manager and tell him to visit if he wants to save some moolah.

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