Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Hubby Loves Horses

Hubby loves horses very much. He loves horses when he was still a kid especially when he was in Tahiti. Anyway, this was the picture I took when we were in Camiguin resort. He was not scared at all and he easily catched the horse's attention. He easily bonded with the horses at the resort as if he is the caretaker or the owner. Hubby started riding horses when he was young. He had a picture of him that was captured and placed in the newspaper in one of the celebrations in Tahiti. I forgot what it was exactly but the picture of him with the horse was really perfect and he looks really professional at it. Me on the other hand is still scared to do horse back riding with big horses in the mountain. I always tell him that I need a pony ifever he wants us to do horseback riding hehehe.

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