Thursday, 20 December 2007

Grrrr I Hate Medicines

Good morning everyone! I hope you guys are doing great and manage to grab big time opps right now hehehe. I just started my day and I am sick because I have colds really. Didn't managed to slept well last night because I woke up many times. I was trying to take a medicine also this morning but the medicine just kept on turning and turning around my mouth even if I drunk too many water already. I just choked up instead. Oh yeah, I am really like a baby. Hubby gave me a hug before he headed to his office. He said that I am a big baby lolz. Am I? But seriously, taking a medicine has always been a problem eversince. It's very difficult for me to swallow capsules and tablets. I don't know why but everytime I take one, it feels like there's a net right there on my throat. Sounds funny but it's the throat. I'll try to take some rest later after work instead of attending my belly dancing class this evening. Voila!

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