Wednesday, 26 December 2007

My First Ever Rayban Sunglasses

This is an overdue post as I was supposed to post it here when we arrived here at home from our vacation in Philippines. Sponsored posts are making me occupied hehhehe. Anyway, I love big things in life and that includes big sunglasses. My favorite color when it comes to sunglasses are white and brown. Hubby doesn't like the white one I have because he found it showy or too hollywood. What does too hollywood mean? Because he doesn't like it, we bought these sunglasses in Amstermdam while we were waiting for our next flight going to Manila. First time I own a rayban shades so to have this one is like a reward for me already hehehe. The one on the top is mine and below is hubby's sunglasses. He is a very loyal rayban customer. Rayban must give him a fidelity card lolz.

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