Saturday, 9 February 2008

Advance Valentine's Day Getaway

It's very sunny here today and the weather is really good. It's dommage not to take advantage of this weather, so hubby and I are thinking of spending our weekend at Paysbasque. This will be his advance Valentine's getaway for us as heart's day fall on thursday. Not possible for us to go somewhere else next weekend because we will be watching a belly dancing show once again next saturday evening here in Bordeaux. What's my reaction when he offers me this weekend getaway for us? I am smiling from ear to ear because I've been dreaming to go there and I've heard from the frenchies that it's beautiful there as well especially when sunny. Yepeeee! I'll be bringing my laptop with me still and hoping that there's an internet connection at the hotel. I'm off for the moment my dear bloggers *muah*
Happy weekend!

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