Saturday, 2 February 2008

Decisions To Make For Us To Have Our Pagerank Back

I don't know if Google is attacking the bloggers once again but based from the blog hopping I did this morning, mostly of my friends said that all their blogs now turns to 0 pagerank. They've said that I'm lucky because I still have a pagerank here but honestly, I don't know if they are right or what or something's wrong with my eyes. Everytime I check my blog's pagerank, it always says that I have 0 comme RIEN! How come they can see my pagerank while I can't?

Pagerank is the biggest weapon for bloggers to receive big and high available opportunities from the different advertisers. The higher your pagerank is, the higher is the offer. According to Jessie, the next google pagerank update will be this coming april or may. And for us to have our pagerank back, it's either we limit our paid posts from ppp and other sites that offers sponsored post for us to have a pagerank very soon OR we continue to accept any offers and our pagerank won't change. It's a decision that we have to choose either of these 2 options. So far, PPP is the only site that offers higher opportunities to any bloggers. If you'll ask me which option shall I take, I seriously don't know yet.


jessie said...


to check your real PR, pls proceed to and look for the page rank checker there then type your URL... it will obtain your PR from Google servers and toolbar queries.

A Simple Life said...

Both my blogs got a pr4 2 weeks ago but when I checked yesterday, they're back to zero, sigh.

You're really lucky you still have yours ;)

Francine said...

thanks for the link jessie bro

Francine said...

@simple...i really wish that our pagerank will be back very soon. i hope yahoo has something for us to fight against google