Friday, 8 February 2008

Are You A True Filipino?

This is the very first tag I got from Ate Amy (Francesca). Quelle miracle! hehehe. Thanks very much!

Over time, the Filipino way of living has changed a lot, thanks to the influence of the western culture. The once-simple living has gone wonderfully sophisticated that it seems we have gradually lost the traits unique in us Filipinos. Even so, we can’t and won’t deny the fact that rooted in our spirit and being is the pride that we are indeed Filipinos.

But how Filipino are you? Are the Filipino traits strong in you? Are you the typical Filipino? Take this simple quiz I have fabricated to determine your being Filipino. Read the items below and tell whether or not you do or exhibit them and count the items that are true to you. After evaluating all the items refer to the gauge below with your points. Remember to take seriously the frequencies (at least once, twice…) in the items; if you lack even one frequency, then don’t count the item.

Here it goes: My answers in RED.

1. You can speak Filipino (erstwhile Tagalog) -OUI
2. Whenever necessary, you take the hand of an elder relative and pat the back of the palm of that hand to your forehead and say “mano po”.
- I don't do that here in France. Baka mashock mga tao where the hell I came from if I'll do that with anyone here.
3. You know “bayanihan” and had witnessed it personally at least once.
- oui
4. You’ve seen a bahay kubo at least once.
- exactly and many times already
5. You’ve ridden on a jeepney at least five times.
- yes
6. You have separate clothes for in-house and outside use (pambahay at panglakad) -yes.
7. You’ve eaten adobo, dinuguan, kakanin, tuyo, dilis.
- adobo yes but dinuguan, tuyo and dilis no because hubby doesn't like it
8. Your meal is incomplete if without rice.
-sawa na ako sa rice. I prefer to eat purée and vegetables now
9. You hear Sunday masses and attend Misa de Gallo with your family.
- not here. They don't do that here.
10. You can sing “Lupang Hinirang” very well, with no lines missed.
- oppps pardon but I can't memorize it still even if when I was still in PI. Sorry po!
11. You don’t care donning ragged and torn clothes exclusively for use inside home.
- I throw torn clothes directly at the trash can and uses rags that I bought at the supermarket
12. You have bought items in a “sari-sari store” at least ten times.
- sari-sari stores don't exist here so Not anymore.
13. You have played patintero, tumbang preso and piko during your childhood;
14. You can sing at least five OPM songs, and know what OPM means.
- yes hehehe corny ko no?
15. You know the Philippine presidents from the year of your birth onwards.
- hmmmm I guess yes but since birth lang ha till present president.
16. You have witnessed “balagtasan” at least thrice.
- what's balagtasan?
17. You’ve been recounted with stories involving aswang, tikbalang, manananggal, nuno sa punso.
- Yeah and my relatives were scared when they knew at first that we'll have one of our holidays in Siquijor. When we were there, hubby and I even searched for one but we didn't find any. Siquijor is a nice place and it is where we had the best sunset views and sunrise.
18. You’ve been read, have read or have heard Filipino legends (Ang Alamat ng…)
-i couldn't remember the whole filipino legends anymore but the stories are still in my mind but not 100% perfect ha
19. You’ve lived, stayed or visited Philippine places other than your city or town at least seven times.
20. You’ve visited local (or public) wet market at least five times.
- here no
21. You have heard guys trying to sing Englebert Humperdink songs on a karaoke machine.
- no.
22. Your main means of expressing anger is tampo.
- i'm like a wall when i'm in the tampo mood so hubby knows about it. he's scared when i'm like that lolz
23. You eat with your hands or use your fork and spoon together.
- HANDS when we're eating shrimps and baked ribs but we use fork and knife in general
24. You visit home taking with you a few balikbayan boxes.- No
25. You visit home town and start to say english with full fake slang to all your neighbors, family and friends, in bathrobe and highheels house shoes - no, i still speak cebuano and all of the people who know me are laughing because i speak cebuano very well still hahah. they first imagined that i'll speak english like the people in UK or will be speaking french the entire time
26. You drink your hot coffee with the teaspoon on it.
- yes
27. You are joining Paluwagan. - what is it?


28. You make biso-biso to all the people you know everytime you go back in Philippines even if the people that you're not very close to?
28. You can't live without filipino saysawan?
29. Are you updated with the latest news in PI?

Here’s the gauge to tell how Filipino you are:
19 - 20 = The Filipino blood, spirit and flame burns intensely in you. You are the typical Filipino, who takes pride of your nationality.
15 - 18 = You are proud of your being Filipino and that the traits unique to most Filipinos live in you.
11 - 14 = You are the Filipino who, even adopting strongly the cultures of other nations, still you dont forget the old ways of the Filipino life.
7 - 10 = The Filipino culture has little by little been forgotten by you. You need to at least try some of the items mentioned.
4 - 6 = The Filipino culture has substantially faded in you, or that you have not been exposed to the true, authentic traits of being a Filipino.
1 - 3 = You’re a Filipino, only that you may have not been born and raised in the Philippines and had not lived up or been accustomed to the ways of Filipino living.
0 = You’re not a Filipino.

My score : 15 - 18 = You are proud of your being Filipino and that the traits unique to most Filipinos live in you.

And you?

Again, if you are a Filipino reader of mine - please consider yourself tagged!

This does not prompt you to repost this quiz, however it would be better if you did. You have to add at least three items to the quiz, and you should tag a dozen people after your post. There are a lot of unique Filipino traits and I don’t see any reason why you can’t think of three of them. Do not copy the listed items; provide/make your own and add them to the list above. Let’s see how long the list can get.

I know you guys are having so many pending tags now so I'm not going to tag anyone. If you'd like to try this quiz out, feel free to grab it and let me know your answers so that I can check our similarities.


Francesca said...

BRAVO, Francine, galeng, pinoy pa rin.
Wall ka ba if nag tatampo?lol



Francine said...

sus drama ko lang yan te amy hehehe. sarap mgaging tampo queen lalo na pag nakiki ride in si mister sa drama lolz