Sunday, 17 February 2008

New Hobby

Flowers from hubby last week

At the garden infront of our terrace

Hubby (he was tired but this is the best shot I got from him)

These are some shots I took using my new Canon Powershot G9 digital camera. I love it because it is much better compared to my old Canon IXUS800 because the zoom is much better and it makes me feel that I am now a photographer. Although I am still a beginner, but the interest I've got when it comes to photography is getting stronger that I'm not that afraid anymore to do trial and errors and to take as many shots as I can in so many things. I have to study adobe still coz I don't know anything about it and I'm very patient enough and is very interested in learning this new field. What do you guys think of the different shots I've got? Am I improving?


Eya said...

wow! you got the 12mpg already :) nice choice. Can't wait for your shots

Francine said...

thanks very much eya for the messages. im not an expert yet but im practicing each day