Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Holidays In USA And A Chance To Win A Digital Camera For Free

My friend and her husband will be leaving this week going in United States. They will be having their vacation there and will be staying for a month in Los Angeles. Both of them are very much ready for their flight and their suitcases are ready as well too. They called me up to ask me if I need or want anything from USA. Aren’t they nice and sweet? I told them not to bother about it and to enjoy instead their vacation as this trip will be their Valentine’s and anniversary celebration. I managed to talked to David (her husband) and he said that they’ve got many things to do in Los Angeles very soon and he’s preparing a surprise celebration as well for Sheila (my friend). He told me what it is but I’m not going to write it here or else she’ll have an idea what the surprise is. Anyway, Trusted Tours and Attractions proposed them several activities and they are very happy with the proposals. They’ll be visiting this Aquarium of the Pacific, they’ll also spend their time with the dolphins at SeaWorld, they’ll visit Universal Studios and many others. The last night they’ll have there in LA will be a very special night because this is the night when there is a very wonderful surprise waiting for my lovely friend Sheila. The only thing I can tell is that she’ll surely fall inlove to her husband all over again ^-^

Another friend of mine transacted Trusted Tours and Attractions months ago. This travel agency is indeed the expert when it comes to the different vacation ideas going in United States. They are the sole expert in making anyone’s holidays really memorable and unforgettable and all their tours here are very reasonable as well. Being a client of their establishment, you’ll have the chance to Win a free digital camera by signing up their Trusted Travels eNewsletter. They’re bonggacious because they’ll choose one lucky winner each month who’ll have the chance to take this amazing Canon PowerShot Digital Camera. I wish I’ll be one of the lucky winners.

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