Saturday, 9 February 2008

My Friend's Romantic Get Away

My friend and her boyfriend are in New York right now. They’ve been there for a couple of days already and will be staying there for 3 weeks for their romantic getaway. Her boyfriend has been planning this romantic getaway for her and she was really surprised because the day they arrived at the airport, their pick-up service was a white limousine. She couldn’t believe it that her boyfriend would be doing all these things for her. Right now, they’re just enjoying the place and the New York city tours from Trusted Tours and Attractions. They have visited several places there already like the Wax Museum, the statue of Liberty and they even had a very romantic yacht dinner cruise. Goodness! I think they’ll be the first one to have a baby first than me.

Anyway, mostly of my friends have tried Trusted Tours and Attractions. I’ve heard many things about this company so I guess they are really an expert when it comes to the different tours in USA. They’ve been doing this business you know for over 25 years so the entire staffs for sure are very knowledgeable and will surely recommend you the holiday ideas that you deserve. They’ve got different and interesting romantic getaways and family vacation ideas for you to choose from so whereever you’ll go, you’ll surely have an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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