Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Get Your RealRanks At Izearanks.com

Our blog ranks have been very important for us because the amount of opportunities relies on it. The higher our Blog Ranks are, the higher the opportunity is as well. There are many engines available in the blogging world right now that allows us to trace the number of traffic we have in our blog and IZEARanks is the newest ranking system that is available for us right now. IZEARanks allows us to have an actual idea of our blog’s traffic. It is very important for us to have some knowledge as to which country mostly of our traffic comes from. That’s why, this new ranky system will be a great help for all the bloggers out there like me.

All of us are getting crazy about Google because of this crazy pagerank. The algorithm is very confusing and the computation about it is really weird. Some bloggers are now wondering and are scared to take sponsored posts fearing that they wouldn’t have their pagerank back. Some even deleted their badges but don’t worry folks especially about Google, placing this IZEA in your blog won’t affect your Google’s pagerank at all as the codes here are completely different from PPP. To start tracking your blog’s stats with IZEARanks, sign up and add your blog. You are then required to install the ITK (IZEA Toolkit) and claim your blog’s ownership at the page. Once done and you have placed the code in your blog, you’ll then have the your actual blog’s Realrank. Simple and easy! Try it and let me know what’s your real rank ok?


Juliana RW said...

Thanks for this info :D

oh...I need your help, Will you vote for me Thanks.

Francine said...

yeah sure juliana.i'll vote you