Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Movie Marathon And Audrey Tautou

I had a movie marathon again last night. What films? Well, I like french films now especially when my favorite actress Audrey Tautou is the main star. I watched her films like Amelié, Da Vinci Code, Dirty Pretty Things and A Very Long Engagement. I’ve seen her 3 films already when I was still studying in Alliance Française à Manille and I love to watch them all over again. I really like her and so far, she’s the only french actress that I know. I may be stupid but what can I do? Honestly, I like her but I don’t know anything about her. All I know is that she’s french and she’s famous. Stupid me right? That’s why this morning, I searched all the informations relating to her using Spock. Based from the results of this search, it says that she is fascinated with monkeys and mostly of her voyages abroad are influenced by her passions for monkeys and gorillas. She loves animals very much. Aside from that, she always makes sure that she takes a picture of each single reporter who interviews her and then she keeps these pictures in a scrapbook. Elle est mignonne non?

Oufff, I wouldn’t find all these small things if I didn’t use Spock. I like this people search engine very much because all the results are very accurate. You’ll Find any actress on too if you use this one. There are many search engines there but the informations you’ll find are not that really complete. Try it gals and type in the name of your favorite idols.

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