Sunday, 3 February 2008

My Sunday Rants lolz

Lazy sunday once again. We didn't go out because the weather is not good and it's freaking cold here. After waking up at 2 this afternoon and had our breakfast, hubby and I went back to bed once again to sleep lolz. Both of us were really tired and lazy. That's something we always have in common especially during weekends. I miss the sun already and the warm weather. I long for summer to come, to go at the beach to do sunbathing, to wear my flip flops, to wear skirts and shorts and just to enjoy the warmness of the sun. So far, I'm thankful that I managed to control my weight especially at this cold season when everyone is tempted to eat, eat, eat and eat. When I'm hungry, I just eat whole wheat bread and yogurt and purée of the different vegetables. Ouff, it's hard ha! Anyway, I hope all of you here are having a very wonderful sunday with your loved one's.


marie said...

Very conducive ang cold weather na yan. Oisst apurahin niyo na para magka baby na kayo:)

Francine said...

sus te marie, di ma rin mabuo eh.iwan ko ba kung bakit hehehe.