Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Protecting Our Children Against Computer's Unwanted Contents

We all know that majority of the people at present time are very much exposed in using the computers. Everything is run and is operated by computers and even in our own respective homes, mostly of our things are done online like when paying our bills, shopping, bank transactions and many others. Being a responsible adult, I sometimes worry about it because I know from myself that I’ll be a mother in the near future and I’ve got 2 nieces and nephew who love computer very much. Kids in general are very curious in so many things especially the things that the adults are using or are doing. It’s good to see them discovering new things at an early age because that would simply mean that they’re smart kids. I am not going to block kid’s curiousities of course but I do worry about it especially when the computer subject comes in. Why? It is because there are contents that pop-ups sometimes and I don’t know where the hell they came from and yet the pop-up blocker is on. I really think that Integard internet filter will be very helpful for my family in PI and by having this, they can let my nieces and nephew use the computer and the internet safely with confidence.

If you guys don’t know, Integard is an internet filter that you’ll only find at Race River Corporation. It is designed to protect your kids on the internet. It blocks adult websites, monitor chats and it supports multiple user profiles. Instead of purchasing a new computer for your kids, I guess it is more practical to have this one in order to protect these unwanted contents in the world wide web.

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