Sunday, 17 February 2008

Plasma TV Lift Console For ME

Do you know what’s the latest item that I’ve been eyeing these last days? I’m wishing to have this plasma lift console that I found at I instantly fall inlove with it when I first saw it because it’s cute and elegant, the design is very nice even if it’s simple and I really think that it’s very perfect on the new TV my family have at home. Perfect because it hides these messy and unwanted wires and it makes the organization really easy and neat because of the drawers. The great thing about this one is that there is a remote to operate this plasma/lcd lift so everything is just in the tip of my fingers when I want to open or adjust something. Cool isn’t it? The color goes very well also with the other furnitures we have at home. To have this kind of furniture at home will surely make everybody enjoy their favorite shows and films.

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