Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Do I Shop More Than Most Women?

You're a Window Shopper!

You know that shopping's a blast, but you prefer to save your money

You hardly ever give into an impulse buy, unless it's a total steal

You've always got the most money of your friends - and you never have to borrow

And you've got a nice wardrobe too ... of classic pieces that last years!

Is this quiz true? Hehehe, as far as I know, I am a shopaholic and I even dream the things that I'm dying to have especially when I see them online. Oh yeah, that's my weakness. Women love to shop and we're burn for it isn't it? If you'll ask me the best deals in town (Bordeaux), I'll easily tell you which shop offers the most affordable prices on a specific something. The best time for us to shop here in France is the sale period because all the stores offer big discounts and all the items are really low. I buy an item especially when the price is really interesting but sometimes, this addiction eats me without even recognizing the price


genny said...

Oh a window shopper. Maayo kay mao na ana man pod ko usahay. Francine something for you in my blog.

Francine said...

genny thanks very much.i'll take the tag in a short while