Friday, 15 February 2008

Construction Loan For A New Home

Do you remember that I bought a land last year during our holidays in my homeland? Nothing is standing there yet until now. I’ve got many imaginations on my mind like the design of the house that I’d like to build there, the divisions inside and the motif. I’d like to have a small swimming pool in this property too so that when we go back there, we’ll just go there directly instead of staying at the 5 star hotel. A pool is very important because hubby loves water very much especially when there’s a very nice place where he could do sunbathing. A place like that is already a very simple paradise for him. I know that this project will cost me a lot of money especially if I really want all these things to happen. Honestly, I don’t have that money and it will take years for me to be able to build a new house like that if I’ll depend on the earnings I’ve got at present. I’ve been thinking of having a construction loan so that I’ll be able to make my projects come true. Too bad because a company like doesn’t exist here in France and it is only in USA.

People residing in America are lucky because they can build their dream house and remodel it anytime they want. If they need money for the construction like I do, construction loan will be the best option for them and they can have a loan worth $165,000 as the minimum loan amount. Goodness! That’s very big for me already and that’s exactly the money that I need. It is even possible to find a very reliable contractor at their site by filling in the necessary informations there. Jezzz, this is what I really need!

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