Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Marimar Mania

I am a certified addict of Marimar right now. I've been watching this teleserie thru youtube as we don't have a filipino channel here at home. Tonight, I am disappointed because it is quite difficult for me now to find the latest updates of Marimar show. I don't know if GMA does something to youtube members who displayed a video online but I think that GMA should be thankful because their program will be getting more and more famous :-). I've been browsing each channel of my friends but all their videos have been removed. I'm very much eager to watch Marimar 137 because this will be the start of their revenge to the bruha Angelica hehehe. Although they just started their plans but I'm very sure that there'll be a good ending very soon even if I know that it will be Sergio and Marimar who'll be together at the end of this teleserie. I'm just very curious what will happen to each of the characters and how will Marimar look like on her wedding. People if you have Marimar 137, pls tell me where to find it and please do upload the next episodes in the next coming days plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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