Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Get The Accurate Informations You Need At Spock

Today is my day-off so I am infront of the laptop once again. This is what I always do instead of going out because once I am out especially in Bordeaux Centre, that would mean that I’ll be spending some €€€€ once again. I am trying to avoid it and I prefer to make a research of the famous actors and actresses that I love in hollywood especially George Clooney. I adore this guy very much and he’s one of my crushes too hehehe. He’s always a very good actor and he has this amazing charisma that every girl would love about him. I’ve seen almost all his films really and he’s hot ! Do you guys know that his real name is George Timoth Clooney ? That’s the information I got from - the best for people search . According to this people’s search engine, Clooney was never a heavy smoker. He stopped smoking at an early age because his uncles died because of it. He never want to happen that one in his life and that’s why he did it. Not bad choice right ?

I told my husband about it and he, himself, doesn’t even know all these infos. He is a great fan of George Clooney too and he loves this guy very much. See ? I will never find all these informations without the great help of Spock. I’m really thankful that Spock exist because it always gives me accurate informations of the different people that I am always interested with. I like it because I can search anyone by typing in the name or by tags. It’s very easy to use and user-friendly.

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