Tuesday, 5 February 2008

One Windy And Rainy Day

The weather was very weird here yesterday. It was windy, rainy and it turned sunny after a few minutes. For the first time in my life, it was raining here with tiny pieces of ice. I forgot how it is called but hubby said that it's not snow at all and it is imposible for us to have a snow here in Bordeaux as it is in South of France. The one I saw yesterday are very tiny ice that and suddenly melts when it reaches the ground. Sounds strange anyway lolz. Yesterday was really windy. I've heard that February is the month when the season is really strange for winter. I don't know why they've said that but they're right. It's difficult to make a decision or a plan for the day as the weather changes many times in a day. I took this video infront of our terrace while waiting for the rain to stop.


Francesca said...

it is called hailstones, ice falling!

anyway i TAG you in case u got time

Francine said...

wow te amy, for the first time tinag mo na rin ako hehehe