Thursday, 17 January 2008

3rd Direct Offer From The Company

Surprise Mail for the day! I received a surprise email this morning. I wasn't expecting I'll have a direct proposal from the company itself to write a post here in my blog about or regarding their company. I'm not going to write the email that I got this morning but it is pretty interesting. I on the other hand responded politely and professionally making deals or negotations. I don't know what will be the owner's reaction about it but business is business and if we like both of our deals, then, no proble! Blogging has indeed given me many opportunities. This is the third time I got a direct proposal from a company. I am hoping that there'll be frenchies who'll be asking me to advertise their products and services here as well too using my blog. It will be very interesting for sure knowing that payments will be in €€€€ hahaha


Jocelyn said...

Hi, thanks for hopping by my blog. Interesting place you're at..I've always wanted to visit France..mybe someday. :)

Francine said...

hello jocelyn, thanks very much for dropping by :-)