Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Rodeo Houston

Do you remember few weeks ago when I saw this special documentary that showed the different beauty of each state and city of the United States? One part that really caught my attention when I was watching it was this Rodeo Houston. I have heard so many things about it and I am always fascinated with this kind of event. If you guys don’t know, Rodeo Houston is the world’s largest livestock exhibition and is also the world’s largest Rodeo event. Of course, it is always in Houston, Texas and there are thousands of people who always flock in there just to witness this big event. I was sharing about this Rodeo Houston Show to my friend that I love to see this special celebration for real and she told me that she and her husband will be watching once again this Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Huh? They already have their PBR Tickets that they bought at teamonetickets.com. Goodness! I’m jealous.

Anyway, based from the documentary I saw, Rodeo Houston is a long event filled with many activities like bull riding, concerts, parade, carnival, shopping, sales, auctions and there are different competitions there too. I’ve heard that the entire people here dress in western outfits and act like cowboys and cowgirls on their Texan Day. The more interesting part is their barbecue and wine competitions because there are more than 200 teams participating in these competitions. In general, I find the whole Rodeo Houston activities very interesting.

Oh by the way, my friend told me that if you guys will be coming to see this event too, she recommends that you buy your PBR Finals tickets at teamonetickets.com.

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