Wednesday, 23 January 2008

How Happy Am I?

You Are 72% Happy

You are a very happy person. Generally, you feel content and that all is right with the world.

Occasionally, you have a down day - but you have the ability to pick yourself right back up.

I am a happy type of a person. Although life isn't always perfect but there are many reasons to be happy always and to be thankful for right? One of it is the life that I always have that until now, I am still living in this world. I always encounter several trials in life but those trials have made me strong and have made me for who I am right now.

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recel said...

hmmm.... happy! it's so good to be happy, isn't it? hehehe.... ka-bibo diri oi! bibo jud nang paris no? lol

re: yep, i am at smorty, too. kaso lang pr0 man tanan naku blogs gud so wala japon kwenta. hahayyyy...