Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Finally Have My Permis de Conduire

Finally! I already have my driving license or the so-called permis de conduire here in France. If my memory is right, we went at the préfecture last October last year. November last year as well we received a mail and it said that we have to go at the post office to pick the item up but as we went back home by December, it means that the mail didn't rest until that month at the post office and it has to go back from where it came from. Just this month, I had to sent them a letter stating where my driving license is and to explain them that I was not around here the entire month of November due to my holidays in Philippines. It took them 1 week I think before they sent me a mail saying that I'll just have to go at the préfecture directly on this specific window to claim it. Hubby was the one who went at the préfecture to get my driver's license with the authorization letter I gave him and my titre de séjour. Oh yea, France is really that strict. Paperworks are not over yet coz very soon, I have to renew my titre de séjour all over again. But for the mean time, I am just super happy that I finally have my driver's license. I was teasing hubby if I could drive him BM now and he said NO! lolz


emma said...

congrats francine sa imo license..ako diay makadrive ko bimmer ug birthday or ako atik atikon most of the time "no" pud answer..hahaha..bitaw day palit na lang utro celphone sila mama or ingon ako banan pakabit na lang landline..unsaon sa amo wala pay landline sa una ambot lang karon walay poste.hahaha

Rhada said...

France still has the "paper like" driver's license? Germany started using the "card like" driver's license years back, and I thought it's standard for the whole EU. Thanks for the info.

Carolyn said...

WOW!!!! congratz franz! dili diay card inyong DL diha? when i got my DL,i had it just a paper while waiting for the plastic card but it's only 5 days and i got my DL in plastic card..so nice to have our DL kay makalaag na jud ta anywhere we want without asking hubby to drive us to a certain place hehhee