Wednesday, 16 January 2008

He Said It's Yummy Once Again!

I was cooking once again. I was really in the mood these last days to cook and to surprise hubby with tasty meals. He likes all the foods I served on the table and he always tell me that he wants me to prepare this and that. Oufff! See? I have a big baby here at home lolz. I like it when he misses me doing something like this and asking me to prepare this or that menu for him. He feels like he is in the Philippines because I always serve him rice. Honestly, I don't like to eat rice that much now. I don't know why but they cook their rice here differently and they use basmati.
Anyway, this recipe is called Coquilles St. Jacques à la Provençale and it is very easy to prepare. I just washed the scallops first, heat an oil at the frying pan and when the frying pan is hot enough, I fry the scallops (coquilles st.jacques). When the scallops are brownish a little bit, I mixed it the onions and garlic and fried it for a couple of minutes. I garnished it with persil and served it with rice. Voila! C'est trés facile!

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Sarah said...

this looks yummy!