Wednesday, 16 January 2008

What Color Car Should I Drive?

You Should Drive a Red Car

You're the type of driver who isn't afraid to be the fastest on the road.

You have a lot of energy built up, and you tend to get your adrenaline fix from driving.

Moving at hyper speed, you tend to be annoyed with slow drivers and slow people.

Life's too short to be slowed down by someone else!

Do you remember when I said that I really want to drive here in Bordeaux? I've driving once at my inlaw's place but hubby didn't like the way I drove his car as I did a zigzag route hehehe. Anyway, I really want to drive here and I've been dreaming to do this eversince. I don't have an exact philosophy about driving except to be always extra careful in driving the car and to be extra watchful and to pay attention as well on the different panneaux here. Rules are rules here and people are high blood lolz. What I like here is that people are very respectful towards the other drives on the road and they really follow the law here. They are very well-disciplined when it comes to the world of driving. If I'll be the one who'll drive here, they should all use another route if they don't want to loose one of their arms hahaha. Just kidding! I love red and black color for a car :-)

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