Sunday, 13 January 2008

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When it comes to driving here in France, everything is quite strict when it comes to it. There are many panneux here so a driver must really pay attention to the different signs especially at the highway because there are many radars everywhere and there are police as well. When you will be caught by the police, you’ll have to pay expensive fee plus your points will be deducted. That’s why hubby tells me all the time that I need to know all the rules here and the different panneaux before I’ll really drive his car. He has been browsing many different online car insurance companies and said that car insurance for beginners are very expensive especially in this country. People here have their own car insurance and it is mandatory for them. That’s why I’m wishing that Liverpool Victoria insurance company exist here because they offer 10% online discount when we’ll buy our insurance here. Anyone can get a car insurance quote from their establishment. Well, hubby doesn’t have any idea about this company and I’ll tell him to visit this website. I’m pretty sure he’ll find it interesting. UK residents who’d like to have a car insurance for themselves must get their insurance at this company and save their money.

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