Friday, 25 January 2008

Craving For Noodles

Everytime I go at the supermarket, I always look for ready to prepare foods that looks very yummy and unique to me. Hubby loves Picard very much but I find it a little bit expensive although the foods there are really yummy. They don't have so many noodles there that's why when I see noodles at the supermarket, I'm always interested with it. I've been missing noodles a lot but I'm very much lazy to cook. I always make different asian products at the kitchen. Although some of the names are not that familiar to me but I still continue to purchase them. Picture above is the one that caught my eye. It's a noodles with beef steak sidings. Honestly, never I've tried a menu like that but it was tasty.

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Francesca said...

sarap naman yan, isang order nga po dyan!