Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Too Extravagant! Zut!

Even if I don't have so much opportunities coming from PPP but in real life, I am very busy and fortunate enough of the part-time job I have here. Funny because I'm starting to compute the total number of hours I'll have at the end of the month and the salary that I will be receiving. Poor me because the money that is rotating in my credit card right now is the money that I earned from blogging last month. Oufff, I've spent too much really. I made a record using excel showing all my incomes and the expenses I have and so far, I spent 400+€ EUROS already. Would you believe that? That's why I am very happy when my boss asks me if I could work the entire afternoon or the entire day because it allows me to earn more and to have a bigger salary during my payday. I promised myself that I'm going to spend less next month and to minimize my spendings by shopping online. Sometimes, I tell my husband that it will be better if he keeps my credit card and will just give me an allowance every week so that I won't be tempted to touch it. Oh well, this is one of the bad habits I have that I really need to change.

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