Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Spock.com - the best people search on the Web

Do you remember last year when I presented Monique Lhuillier in my french class? Until now I am very much proud about it still that I presented a filipino-french-spanish woman who is now very successful in the world of fashion and couture. One of my classmates at Alliance Française called me up on my cellphone this morning and I was honestly surprised to hear something from her. She’s german and she called me just to asked me the whole informations about Monique Lhuillier. She will be having a reporting and she has to present a foreigner that is known somewhere or has the talent on something and she chooses Monique Lhuillier because she remembers the magazines and print-outs that I distributed to the entire class last year. I don’t know the whole informations about Monique Lhuillier but I told her to check this successful businesswoman by using Spock. Hahaha, she doesn’t have any idea about it either.

Anyway, I don’t know if she found it or not but I emailed her the entire details about Spock.com - the best people search on the Web, and on how to use it. I like and rely on this people search engine when I’m searching for some informations on someone because it is very reliable, fast and easy to use. I have used it many times already since last year and until now, I continue to use it still. Anyone can use Spock for free and you can search anyone by typing in the names, tags, or email. Once done, the site will then lead you to another page full of many informations like the biography page, news sites, fans site, directories, social networks and personal site and even browse the different pictures. There are many search engines on the world wide web of course but so far, I like this one.

To my classmate, I hope you’re reading this blog and I am hoping that I’m able to help you in some ways. Trust me, when I say that Spock is really good, you’ll agree and will definitely say that I am absolutely right once you’ve tried it.

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